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Clear Creation is a dependable business assistance provider and web studio
working for independent businesses worldwide

We understand that time is your most important asset. Our mission is to give independent businesses that don’t have the time or resources, the freedom to focus on running their business.

By trusting us with certain business priorities, our customers have been able to leverage their own time far more effectively. By using our services you’ll have more time to focus on what you are best at – your business!

Master the art of delegation and unlock the full potential of your business

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“We’ve been working with Clear Creation for several years now and I wouldn’t ask anyone else for help. Ryan is very reliable and we have a great working relationship…” 
Dawn Taylor Managing Director - Alexandra Sports

“Ryan is a high quality, enthusiastic writer…In my case, Ryan has done a fantastic job of synthesizing and translating video content and putting down in writing for my website…”
Jason Van Veldhuysen Boxing Coach - Precision Striking

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“If you want a job done well, do it yourself”

…We Disagree!

Here’s 6 reasons why:

Why use a virtual assistant?

As well as the reasons above, there are several clear reasons why investing in the services of a virtual assistant will be one of the best business decisions you can make:

Having more time

OK we admit this reason is listed above, but it is the number one reason why every business owner should use a virtual assistant. There simply isn’t enough time to be able to focus on every area of running a successful business. At some point you have to delegate in order to progress and succeed.
There will always be areas of your business that you could be devoting more time to and can’t. With a virtual assistant you can.
Maybe there’s a new project you want to start, but you’re bogged down in the everyday grind? Or perhaps you keep putting off certain tasks, as you simply don’t have time?
This is where a competent, reliable and trustworthy business assistant will revolutionise your business life.

Removing the HR Burden

Hiring staff is a big commitment. Not only are you financially committed, but also legally committed. By using the services of a virtual/business assistant, you have no commitments.

Here’s 5 advantages of a virtual assistant over traditionally employed staff:

  1. Zero cost of recruitment – No interviews, no advertising, no agency fees, no probationary periods.
  2. Only pay for what you need – No commitment to a monthly salary and no holiday or sick pay obligations.
  3. Instant scaling – As your business grows you simply outsource more. If business slows down, you simply scale back your outsourcing. No recruitment, no redundancies.
  4. Goodbye PAYE – No need to worry about calculating PAYE or dealing with staff tax issues.
  5. Forget staff training – How long does it take to train a member of staff? All that time you’re paying them to learn. Virtual assistants are already experienced in their field, you won’t need to spend time and money training them.

Making More Money

By using a virtual assistant, you’ll not only make more money, you’ll reduce your business costs and save money. Here’s how:

• Reduced employment costs – There is no cost of recruitment. No holiday or sick pay and you only pay the virtual assistant for the work they do.
• Lower overheads – Virtual assistants pay for their own office, desk, computer hardware, stationary, transport and other expenses.
• Time is money – As you offload your administrational burdens, you’ll have more time to focus on sales and new business opportunities. This will result in more business revenue.

Having a specialist

As a business owner you’re expected to be able to do everything, but sometimes this means you have to compromise in certain areas. By using a business assistant, you can have a specialist working on tasks that you may not be an expert on.

The feeling of support

It’s tough running your own business, you have to have all the answers and show direction and leadership at all times. This can feel lonely if you don’t have any support.
A good business assistant can be a sounding board, someone to take some of the stress, a problem solver and even a reliable consultant in some situations.

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